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These words helped shape America for the next hundred years. American families worked hard on their agricultural properties reaping the rewards of the American dream. Then, in the late nineteenth century, the United States of America was hit by the worldwide phenomenon known as the Industrial Revolution, and the
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The American industrial revolution essay. The revolutionary nature of the last quarter of the nineteenth century impacted Native Americans, Immigrants and Farmers. In his speech, William Jennings Bryan placed emphasis on the economic development of the country, as well as on the commercial interests of the nation.
The American Industrial Revolution was as real an actual revolution as the war for independence in the eighteenth century. The birth and rise of industry in the United States vastly altered virtually every element of the nation, in transforming America from a widespread, agriculturally-based country to an increasingly urban,
industrial revolution essaysPositive & Negative Aspects of the Industrial Revolution In the end of the 18th century a new revolution in history would be formed. It brought ... In communications, Samuel Morse, an American inventor, had made a working model of the telegraph using a language of dots and lines. It carried
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transformed the daily lives of Americans as much as— and arguably more than—any single event in U.S. history. An early landmark moment in the Industrial. Revolution came near the end of the eighteenth century, when Samuel Slater brought new manufacturing technologies from Britain to the. United States and founded
10. Industrial Revolution Essay. Industrial Revolution - 1333 Words. The Steel Industry The late nineteenth century was an amazing time of growth in America. The population was growing at a staggering rate. In 1860 the population of the US was 31,443,321 and grew to 76,212,168 in 1900 and 92,228,496 in 1910.
J. A. Blanqui spoke about in his article “Industrialization of America” the spread of the Industrial Revolution. In 1790 Samuel Slater built the first cotton mill in the United States, and in 1793 Eli Whitney patented the cotton gin. New England soon had a prosperous cotton textile industry. The great expanse of American farm

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