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See the Course Classification Guide for assistance in classifying your coursework. Foreign Coursework/Study Abroad: Applicants often have questions about entering foreign study experience into the AMCAS application. You should carefully consult the AMCAS Instruction Manual to determine how to do so. AMCAS GPA:
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Grades Factored into AMCAS GPA Calculations. • Grades and credit hours are factored into the AMCAS GPA calculations as they were assigned by the school where you took the given course(s). The only exceptions pertain to foreign coursework transferred to a U.S. or Canadian institution and coursework taken through an
Q: Do I list my Canadian coursework in the Coursework section? A: Yes. Enter your Canadian coursework on your application; however, this coursework will not be verified or factored into your PTCAS GPAs. Q: Do I list other foreign coursework in the Coursework section? A: No. With the exception of Canadian courses,
only exceptions to this rule are foreign coursework transferred to a U.S. or. Canadian institution and coursework taken through an official study abroad program. • Courses with the AMCAS grades listed below are not included in the GPA calculations. Instead, the total hours for each of these categories are reported to medical
Before You Begin. AMCAS Submission and Deadlines. Medical schools set the AMCAS application deadlines for their respective programs and determine the date by which transcripts must be received by AMCAS. Be sure to have all of your official transcripts sent to AMCAS in a timely manner to avoid processing delays.
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List the foreign school under the "schools attended" section of the application. * Indicate that AMCAS does not require a transcript. * Select an exception reason of "Foreign College – Independent attendance - credits transferred to a U.S. or Canadian institution. * Indicate that credit was transferred to another institution.
The application services are not equipped to evaluate foreign transcripts. They will not accept transcripts from foreign institutions in which you were enrolled. If, however, you participated in a study abroad program through a domestic institution other than Duke (e.g., New York University), you will be required to submit a

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