ambulances by philip larkin essay

CRITIACAL EVALUATION "Ambulances" by Philip Larkin uses the every day incident of someone being taken away in an ambulance to convey the ideas of human life. The poem discusses the idea of the closeness of death; it's randomness and its inevitability. I am going to look at how ... Related GCSE War Poetry essays
'Ambulances' by Philip Larkin is an exploration of the pervading sense of death that occurs in constrained societies: in cities. Here's an analysis.
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February 2012. Nomination: Ambulances [10 January 1961. From The Less Deceived]. Rather like 'Aubade', this poem is a portrait of Larkin's fear and contemplation of death. Yet it manages to cleverly encapsulate the entire human story within just five verses. From 'the exchange of love' in conception to a summary of a life
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AMBULANCES Philip Larkin. A meditation on the closeness of death, its randomness and its inevitability. These three ideas are captured for Larkin in the action of ambulances in the city. Today young people might see ambulances as a sign of hope, a positive intervention sustaining life rather than heralding death.
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